Vapor Phase Technology - Improved Processes and Applications

Process and Performance Optimization

  • Identifying and eliminating bottlenecks
  • Shorter process times
  • Extended oil change intervals for pre-compressors
  • Early water extraction to reduce depolymerization
  • Rust protection on cores during process start

Plant Optimization and Upgrades

  • Analyzing data logs and parameters
  • Suggestions for improvements and upgrades
  • Reduced solvent loss due to lower vacuum at the end of the process
  • Integration of JET evaporators in the autoclave
  • APRS (Advanced Pressure Reduction System)
  • SODS (Smart Oil Distillation System)
  • CHR (Continuous Controlled Heat Recuperation)

Customer and Environmental Benefits

  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Optimizing plant maintenance
  • Improving reliability
  • Implementing the latest control technologies
  • Compliance with environmental protection regulations
  • Integration of emission controls
  • Ensuring the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Jet Evaporator

  • Shorter Heating respective Drying times due to very high steam speed inside the autoclave.
  • Small temperature differences on the drying object at the end of the heating up phase due to improved heat transfer values (alpha) resulting in better Drying results.
  • More homogeneous humidity profiles respectively smaller differences in the humidity Content on the drying object.
  • Higher Condensation temperature at the drying object as there are no flow losses, as the high vapour flow speed is induced by the solvent injected at high speeds.
  • Higher drying temperatures on areas with reduced Vapour access due to high turbulence resulting in increased Diffusion coefficient.

Jet Evaporator
Jet Evaporator
Control System
Control System

Control System

The complete process run fully automatically without required interactions from operators Drying cycle will be selected automatically taking into consideration Customer language on all screens and error Messages Control and operate the System from your office computer Remote support over the Internet with access control Process data can be stored and recalled from the HD Historical trending stored on the hard drive Historical trending can be accessed from the office and printed there Switch over condition between the process phases, easily shown on the Screen.

Isostatic Pressing System

  • Each pressing line with its own feeding pump
  • Redundant pressure measuring
  • Pressure range up to 300 bar
  • Hydraulic system operated with hydraulic or transformer oil
  • Highest possible measuring range accuracy

For all pressing tools as

  • single action
  • double action

Optional length measuring

Isostatic Pressing System
Isostatic Pressing System

Process end Determination

PLC controlled measuring device for measuring the water vapour partial pressure in a vacuum system. The device serves for recording the pumped off residual humidity from the insulation and thus also for the determination of the process end when Drying transformers or capacitors. (Determination of specific water extraction)

In summary, Vapor Phase Technology offers a range of improvements and advantages that lead to more efficient and effective drying processes. The integration of JET evaporators, APRS, multi-stage vacuum units, and advanced measuring and control systems allows for precise process control and optimized results. The application of this technology in transformer manufacturing helps to increase the life and performance of oil-paper insulation while minimizing energy consumption and solvent loss.


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