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INS - Design of New Measuring Instruments

Micavac continuously develops existing and new measurement instruments and systems for any kind of plant.

One of the best-known achievements of Micavac's reasearch is the development of the VZ-series of instruments for measurement of water extraction rate.

The technology leading INS406 (VZ406), combined with a VZ475 suction capacity measurement device, is outclassing any other moisture content measuring device, and got widely adopted by companies worldwide.

A worthy addition to any Vapor Phase Drying (VPD), Hot Air Vacuum Drying (HAV) or Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) plant.

INS406 (VZ406)

Stand alone gas and water content measuring instrument INS214 for insulating oils.

Also combination with Oil Treatment Plants(OTP) are possible.

INS214 (VZ214)
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